Information Sheet For Workshop Participants

Information Sheet for Workshop Participants

Jeevan Vidya workshop, 4-9th December, 2011.

The workshop will take place at "No Man's Land" which is a 6-acre organic farm and homestead. The farm is an attempt to live in ecologically sensible and socially meaningful ways.

Essentials to Carry:

1. Personal toiletries and bath.

2. Sleeping bag (along with optional ground mat) if you have one. (folding mattresses and floor blanket will be provided here).

3. Own regular medication (if any)

4. Torch

5. Clothing. Please do carry a warm sweater/jacket/shawl, and a warm cap, since it begins to get a little chilly after sundown.

6. Comfortable slippers/sandals/slip-on-shoes

7. Water bottle (which you will also require while traveling)

8. Notebook and pen/pencil (would be required for the workshop).

9. A small bag/handbag to avoid bringing plastic bags on campus if making purchases etc.

10. A rucksack/bagpack is ideal (suitcases, even ones with wheels, are sometimes unwieldy in this terrain). Best to travel as light as possible.

Some Information:

1. The workshop coordinators will have a First Aid Kit, although it is advisable to get your personal medicinal requirements.

2. The kitchen will serve simple vegetarian food.

3. The campus is a no-smoking, no-intoxicants zone.

4. We are trying to make the campus a plastic-free zone. Please help us by not bringing inessential plastic carry bags, wrapped material etc.

5. No Internet access is available on campus for workshop participants.

6. The workshop will commence on the morning of the 4th December (Sunday) at 10:30 a.m. and will close with lunch on 9th December (Friday). So it is best to arrive by the evening of the 3rd December and plan to leave after lunch on 9th December (though you are welcome to stay the night and leave any time on the next day, 10th December, if that is more convenient).

7. The workshop participants are expected to participate in campus work for about half an hour every morning and evening, to help with various campus tasks (like kitchen duties, cleaning of sleeping area, garden duties etc.).

8. The accommodation on campus is simple camp/dorm style shared accommodation. Indian and western toilets will be accessible.

9. Participants usually carry back their plastic and other non-biodegradable waste with them, since there are no recycling facilities for such waste locally.

10. If you are bringing a camera of any type, please be restrained in taking pictures of people and of private spaces; always seek their permission first, and also be sensitive to any discomfort they may feel at being photographed.

Important phone numbers:

0-8762071817 (Vinish’s mobile)

08283-240147 (Hulekal Office)

08384-247715 (Farm landline)

0-9481278348 (George/Susheela’s mobile)

Note: All the above information is also attached below in a single-page pdf format. We suggest you print out that information and carry it with you when arriving for the workshop.